Okay! I’m a complete slacker!

I haven’t been writing as much as I should have. I’m slowly strangling my dreams of becoming an automotive journalist. Oddly enough, it is a writing class that is causing me to neglect my precious blog. I’m still in the learning phase of blogging. Heck, I’m still in the infancy phase of writing! I think this writing class I’m taking will be a huge help for my learning process. However, my other class, information technology systems, will only be helpful if I enjoy the pain of migraines. But I need to graduate in December. Juggling over 45 hours of work and 6 credit hours worth of classes isn’t easy, but I’ll make it work.

Getting to the point, I’ve committed the ultimate sin of blogging…not writing. The professional bloggers have said, “You must write everyday to be competitive!” But I’m not trying to be competitive, I’m just trying to drill a hole in my head and release the pressure of automotive dribble built up. I’m still learning…I’m still practicing, by the way.

Despite all of this, I’ll have some good articles coming soon. I’m planning on writing about my experience with my first official race. I entered my first autocross with a 300hp twin-turbo BMW 1 series and did pretty good. I still dream of starting a racing career. And no, I don’t mean NASCAR. Also, I’ve dying to write about the idiotic drivers, the tasteless cars, the insane situations that I encounter on the road everyday that infuriates me to the point of homicidal thoughts.

So to those of you who distressed about my blogging silence (and when I mean those of you, I mean me), keep in touch. The psychotic ramblings of an automotive madman will return again.


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