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Hello world!

January 7, 2010

I’ll admit…I’m a complete car bore. Sometimes people go out of their way to avoid me because they do not want to talk about cars. That’s okay. This blog is not for them. This blog is for us, those who talk automobile, breath automobile, dream automobile and feel automobile. This is for those whose heart races, whose fingers tingle on the rim of a steering wheel from the forces of a tight curve, the push of acceleration out of it. This is for those whose heart stops at the curves of a car, the burble of an exhaust pipe. This is for those looking for the next perfect road and the freedom of getting away. This blog is for the people who love all cars, from American muscle to British roadsters to Italian stallions to German precision to Japanese efficiency to every car in between. We love cars, trucks, motorcycles… anything with an engine. This is for those who don’t see the automobile as an appliance, a device for getting from point A to point B but see it as a living, breathing machine with soul and personality. We love cars! We are Automotive Nation!